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when the door closes ♥

Hello, how are you guys? :3 Christmas is in 11 days but it doesn't seem so festive, does it? I don't know, everything seems screwed-up now. Not complaining....just wishing that things will get better.

The only thing that keeps me happy while studying. I just sort of dies every time I watches it.

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forever and a day ♥

365 days. one year.

you guys stepped onto the debut stage on 2009, oct 16th. you were scared, nervous and excited and maybe all you could do before you went onstage was to repeat your lines, practice more of your dance moves. but you were together and you realized that having fun TOGETHER was more important. weeks passed and you smiled more, you grew more comfortable with the stage and your passion increased.

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you keep me safe in a crazy world ♥

i'm not physically beautiful.

if my mom, like every other mother, ever fed me the illusions that i'm the prettiest girl in the whole wide world, they were trampled on by boys in primary school who called me ugly. and that's when i know that the world is indeed kinder to pretty girls. this is a world in which ugliness has no right to be in. 

so i've struggled really hard with my own physical appearance. i didn't believe in "inner beauty" (i still don't, to a certain extent) because i didn't know how her kindness and genuineness can make her beautiful. it was just something that only worked for pretty girls.

i know God have deemed me worthwhile and beautiful but it's really hard to apply this knowledge to my emotions. i get scared, insecure and emotional and do things that hurt people, if not myself. it's a constant struggle to believe in this, really very very very hard and at times, i would wonder whether God is really lying. how could He think me beautiful and still love me for all my flaws.

but i'm struggling and one day, i hope i can believe that i am beautiful. when someone says that i'm beautiful, i don't want to roll my eyes and think "yeah, like real." i want to smile genuinely and say graciously, "thank you" because someone has taken the effort to tell me that, doesn't matter whether he/she really means it. 

because at least someone has already called me beautiful and He really meant it.  
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light up your face with gladness ♥

I know I'm supposed to be on hiatus but I wanted to write this. 

This is my attempt to prove that nation boyfriend will be an amazing father to our his future children

i see rainbows (part 1/3) - a simple joy. pg-13.
fluff, 2 028 words
you're having my baby and that's how i know you love me.

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be that girl ♥

"Be that girl. Be the girl who keeps her phone on her pillow until 4am waiting for a text. Be the girl who stops in the middle of a test to laugh at something she rememebers. Be the girl who is so determined to find love, that she’ll risk her heart being broken over and over. Be the girl who isn’t afraid to say “I love you.” Be the girl who knows that no matter what happens, she will find love."

But it's not easy being that girl. It's hard, heartbreaking when your tears run dry and you stand outside in the rain, waiting for him and the rainbows to come out. Your heart is not invincible nor does it have a special ability to heal supernaturally; it hurts, breaks all over the place and it's shattered pieces have the possibility to hurt the next person that walks in. Not every girl finds love at the next corner and it's hard to keep walking, keep holding her head high through the lonely nights and the cold winds. 

But love is here already. And I'm already loved. 
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you don't know what a girl wants ♥

F-list tell me something. 

Why do people dislike this bunch of adorable boys? 

Why do people dislike this adorable lady too?

(Happy birthday to Gina unnie, by the way ♥ Have I ever mentioned that I love her to death?)

Or why do I get so affected by stupid dislike/hate/wank on my favorite people? 

Lazy season, I just want to fly my kite and run barefoot on the sand.
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true to life, true to me ♥

Don't need high heels
For a good feel
You can keep the fancy clothes
I'll take walkin in the rain
Over things material
I'll trade Melrose and the big names
Give me faces that I know
Just play a melody that everybody knows

I'll take all the small things that make me happy everyday, one blessing at a time ♥

Oh, happy birthday to lydzi! Hope you will enjoy your special day and I'm really glad to be able to meet you; you're really sweet and nice. ^____^ ILY ♥