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one day, i'll love you as much as i love the sea ♥

hello, i have quite some new friends here so just here to say hi! anyway, it's time to make a new intro post :) and because i can never write in paragraphs, have this in bullet points.

  • my name is clesias and it's the middle seven letters of Ecclesiastes, a book in the Bible. don't ask me how to pronounce my name because i'm bad at explaining (phonetics was never my thing). almost everyone online calls me cleo though!

  • i'm a christian and sometimes i talk about God in my posts, simply because He is amazing and i really can't help talking about how good He is in my life

  • i'm majoring in english literature in uni :) i love literature but dislike shakespeare and the classics. i'm more interested in asian lit and post-modern lit. and no, i do not want to be a teacher when i graduate.

  • i have three younger brothers which makes me the oldest. they are a noisy bunch of monkies but i love them and i'm really proud of them. my mom and dad dotes on me a lot, simply because i'm the only girl in the family haha

  • i think i live just to sleep. i can't survive with just 7 hours of sleep, i need like 10 hours of it. which is why i'm always late for everything. can't help it, my bed is too comfortable to leave in the morning.

  • i think i'm live to eat too. from sushi to chocolates to fries, i love everything. i love drinking soup too! (true blood cantonese here) and i really love bubble tea, especially those from koi! :D

  • my dream city is hk and i hope i can live there one day :)

  • i love it when i discover new music! if you guys have any music that you think i will like, please do not hesitate to recommend them to me ^___^


  • cantopop will always be my first fandom because i grew up with it and the music is much more meaningful to me

  • which also means i love tvb dramas, with their bad plots and bad acting haha :)

  • in kpop fandom, i stan beast/b2st like they are my babies, except dujun is my yeobo and we'll have beautiful babies together. lol jk. i stan the flawless amazing wonderful beautiful too. other than them, i have much interest in snsd, apink, infinite and ... probably block b too. but lol i try to follow as many groups as i can.

  • running man makes me really happy!!! the whole show and the dynamics between the cast is just hilarious, especially between haroro and everyone else. haroro and gwangsoo are my favorites, i want to keep them in my pocket always. (hoping for the day when beast and will become guests in the show)

  • i'll die if i don't watch any drama/series, i'm a dramaholic like that. i try to watch korean dramas if they are interesting. other than that, i love crime shows like bones and cold case. (EVERYBODY SHOULD WATCH BONES.) and omg i love doctor who, it has gotten me so addicted by the plot-twists and my heart literally clenches whenever i watches it because it's so exciting!!!11 and big bang theory, who doesn't love that show?

  • i'm really slow in english/american pop and i wouldn't know what's the latest popular songs if people don't point them out to me. probably because i very much prefer to listen to old school pop like westlife, s club 7 etc etc etc

  • my ultimate otp is 2jun (dujun/junhyung), the stupid violent dumb otp in beast. second will be doona (dujun/, my tragic otp that is non-existent in real life :( but really, i ship dujun with everyone (he is a whore, don't worry) except dooseob because dooseob is the devil and no one should ship them (lol jk).

yoon dujun, jang hyunseung, yang yoseob, lee howon, yang seungho, seungri, kim junsu (2pm), pyo jihoon, jung yunho, choi siwon, cho kyuhyun, kim ryeowook

choi gina, stephanie hwang, kwon yuri, choi sooyoung, jessica jung, lee sunkyu, krystal jung, kim namjoo, kim jungah

linda chung, myolie wu, selena li, raymond lam, ron ng, steven ma, sheren tang, kate tsui

joey yung, jason chan, pong nan, hins cheung

♥ show luo, arron yan

♥ lifehouse, onerepublic, sara barielles, matt wertz, click five, maroon 5, brooke fraser

2jun, doona, dooseung (dujun/hyunseung), kiseung (kikwang/hyunseung), dookwang (dujun/kikwang), doowoon (dujun/dongwoon) homin (yunho/changmin), sihan (siwon/hankyung), yulti (yuri/tiffany), soofany (sooyoung/tiffany), sifany (siwon/tiffany), namyoung (namjoo/hayoung), rayinda (raymond/linda), stevinda (steven/linda), roninda (ron/linda), ron/kate, ronolie (ron/myolie), rayolie (raymond/myolie), samlena (sammul/selena), ronlena (ron/selena), hins/ivana


twitter: @dujun
tumblr: heartdelights
writing comm: mirxes
drama list: here and there everywhere citylights

there you go! hope you know a little more about me :) now, how is everyone! talk to me, old f-list, new f-list, TALK TO ME, I WON'T BITE ^____^

Tags: rainbows: all-about-me

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