make happiness a habit ♥ (yunsias) wrote,
make happiness a habit ♥

i don't understand this heartache i feel now ♥

because late nights induces in me a sensitivity like no other. 


reminds me of the book "the little prince" which makes me cry every time i read the ending.
heartrenching songs, i will never be not affected by them.

when night has fully drawn
its veil of darkness
across a livid sky,
when the stars have settled
into their turn
to take silent vigil,
then come
to the top

and look there
where tiny cars
seem insignificant
streaks of light,
intermittent scratchings
across a canvas of quiet

("High Rise" by Koh Buck Seng)
just cause i love singapore poetry.
Tags: balloons: cantopop: gem, rainbows: literature

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