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the wind took us all ♥

she sings like the rain and walks like summer. she never stops, not even when she has ran out of songs to sing (she just makes new ones up). words doesn't mean anything, a la (curt and unfeeling) and doe (nimble steps to follow mr. la) and miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (that sharp cry escaping from the depths of her lungs, exposed to all the world to hear) are all she is contended with. one day she might be singing a love song to a lone flower (found trampled at the side of the road) and another, odes about long-lost heroes come pouring out from her. no one know where she came from, where she is heading to and where she will eventually end up (dead at the side of the road, most probably) but no one bothered. not when her songs were there to charm and seduce them (she's evil, i'm telling you!)

she sang like the rain and walked like summer. 

the city swallowed her voice, kept her from listening to the songs she had inside. and so, she became one of them. those that spoke like winter and ran like the winds of autumn (bent on stripping all trees of their leaves)

mommy, one day i want to be like the girl who sang like the rain and walked like summer.
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red butterflies ♥

so i finally watched “rosy business” and i’m already hooked with just one episode. it’s really an amazing show with a great cast and the storyline is exciting yet realistic. can’t believe i refused to watch it two years ago when it came out D; i want to marathon it but can only do so after the exams ;________; have i mentioned how much i love the theme song? ron ng <3333333

and and and and and and omg tvb is going to film “triumph in the skies 2”!!!! i hope all the original cast will be in but rumors are that raymond lam is going to fill in sammul chan :( as much as i love raymond lam, i still want the original S4 + michelle yip back. oh well wonder who will be the new S4 in the sequel.

anyway i was just bored and yup, tvb spazzing for the day ends here. :)

beast is coming back in just 5 days time, i'm so excited ;_______________; 

exams have been well. not very good. lol. 
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summer skies ♥

because my oppar parodying  forced me to make a birthday wishlist, so here is it :(

1. the moon
2. a star
3. a bottle of clouds
4. a pet tiger
5. dujun
6. (actually a dujun doll is fine)
7. seungri 
8. (or a panda plushie named seungri)
9. a cat named cactus :c 
10. a unicorn plushie 
11. dookwang fic. 2jun fic. 2junkwang fic!!!!!! 
12. a house at the beach with white picket fences
13. a blackberry
14. a Polaroid camera 
15. a handwritten letter with just your love :) 

i hope you're happy now :< 

anyway, how is my f-list? i gather everybody has abandoned lj for twitter/tumblr ;_________;
oh wells. hi anyway :)
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i don't understand this heartache i feel now ♥

because late nights induces in me a sensitivity like no other. 


reminds me of the book "the little prince" which makes me cry every time i read the ending.
heartrenching songs, i will never be not affected by them.

when night has fully drawn
its veil of darkness
across a livid sky,
when the stars have settled
into their turn
to take silent vigil,
then come
to the top

and look there
where tiny cars
seem insignificant
streaks of light,
intermittent scratchings
across a canvas of quiet

("High Rise" by Koh Buck Seng)
just cause i love singapore poetry.
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keep holding on ♥

cries, how i miss this lj :((( how is everybody, i'm sorry i haven't been reading/catching up with all of you! tell me what's up with you guys and i mean it, i want to know about each and every one of you ;____; 

and since life is a bunch of bullet points, here's mine. 

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have yourself a merry little christmas ♥

hello everybody, hope you guys have a happy and merry christmas! right now, christmas is over in singapore :( 

anyway just a little something that i wrote today. 
for all my favorite people on twitter, you guys know who you are :) 

so this is christmas. g
all the members of beast
fluffy, 722 words
maybe he has his best present already. 

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