make happiness a habit ♥ (yunsias) wrote,
make happiness a habit ♥

am i lost or just less found ♥

i cried writing this. 


she wasn't made of steel, she knew that. but all her life, she had been fighting her demons, slayed her dragons. she had swordfights with pirates who threatened to take away her innocence away. she couldn't drop all her weapons, fashioned from her wit and pure determination to get through the stormy seas and treacherous deserts. 

so when he came along, she fought him. there was no other battles in her past that she waged as hard as this war with the handsome knight (a scar on his right cheek, a seasoned proof that he was no stranger to the battles waged in this cruel time. his hands, his hands held a hole in each palm that spoke of tortures too terrible to retell. a crown of thorns he wore on his head, king of an otherworldly kingdom.)

day and night, the fighting never stopped between them and she knew that there was more at stake than her life, if she were to lose. 

she just didn't know that his words were mightier than the sword.

"my dear lady, i fight not to win you nor claim you. i fight because you're worth fighting for. i fight because your battles have been fought and won already. know that i have won them all so that you may never fight again, so that your hands may never be dirtied by the blood of thousand others and your feet may never be bounded by the things you fear the most. 

i fight because you're loved by people. but most of all, loved by me."

her weapons dropped and she crouched down to weep because she saw how her own heart has been pierced numerously by the swords she held in her hands, all the wars she declared in the past was actually waged against herself when all she wanted was someone to fight for her. someone to love her. 

from then on, she declared her loyalty to the handsome knight as he led her into his kingdom where she lived the rest of her life as a princesss, cherished and loved. 


Tags: my god reigns, she tried to write a poem
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