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so i finally watched “rosy business” and i’m already hooked with just one episode. it’s really an amazing show with a great cast and the storyline is exciting yet realistic. can’t believe i refused to watch it two years ago when it came out D; i want to marathon it but can only do so after the exams ;________; have i mentioned how much i love the theme song? ron ng <3333333

and and and and and and omg tvb is going to film “triumph in the skies 2”!!!! i hope all the original cast will be in but rumors are that raymond lam is going to fill in sammul chan :( as much as i love raymond lam, i still want the original S4 + michelle yip back. oh well wonder who will be the new S4 in the sequel.

anyway i was just bored and yup, tvb spazzing for the day ends here. :)

beast is coming back in just 5 days time, i'm so excited ;_______________; 

exams have been well. not very good. lol. 
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