make happiness a habit ♥ (yunsias) wrote,
make happiness a habit ♥

summer skies ♥

because my oppar parodying  forced me to make a birthday wishlist, so here is it :(

1. the moon
2. a star
3. a bottle of clouds
4. a pet tiger
5. dujun
6. (actually a dujun doll is fine)
7. seungri 
8. (or a panda plushie named seungri)
9. a cat named cactus :c 
10. a unicorn plushie 
11. dookwang fic. 2jun fic. 2junkwang fic!!!!!! 
12. a house at the beach with white picket fences
13. a blackberry
14. a Polaroid camera 
15. a handwritten letter with just your love :) 

i hope you're happy now :< 

anyway, how is my f-list? i gather everybody has abandoned lj for twitter/tumblr ;_________;
oh wells. hi anyway :)
Tags: colors: kaara
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oh hello!

aww your wishlist is adorable :D

and haha how are you? any good TVB shows lately? I'm really behind on HK ent :(
hope you're doing well :)

haha my wishlist is ridiculous cause i didn't want my friend to get me anything for my birthday. hello, how are you dearie!

ohh i'm not watching any tvb show now even though i just finished "only you". i kinda like "only you"; kevin cheng is very yummylicious (keke) and i like how they had all the different weddings. the plot is kinda good too. OH I'M WAITING FOR "YES SIR NO SIR"!!! i can't wait to watch ron ng and linda chung ;_____; i watched "home troopers" (the show was good) and "7 days of lives" (kinda sucky) too.

i also downloaded hins cheung and sherman chung's latest albums but i haven't listened to them yet :((((

what about you?!
oh i'm waiting for that too! ron and linda \o/ don't think i'll have time to watch it rn though, so tell me how it goes :)

and hins has a new album out? :D

midterms/exams in about 2 weeks, and i haven't studied at all so i'm starting to stress ;~~;

i will probably watch it after my exams :(((( and yes hins had a new album! i kinda like? it had some upbeat songs but really, his best songs are always his ballads so idk

;________; my exams are coming soon and i haven't started revising for it. i'm just too lazy :(
hiiiiiiii bb ♥

your bday is so close, don't think i've forgotten!!
i'm trying to come up with smth to write as a present! keke, but my brain can't function properly so don't expect too much 8(

ilu lots and i miss you! how have you been ♥ ♥ ♥

what birthday? keke....oh bb you don't have to do anything! :(

i miss you too!!! but exams are a headache this week so i'm staying away from twitter. will come back after my exams! i love you and i hope you're doing well dearie ♥