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cries, how i miss this lj :((( how is everybody, i'm sorry i haven't been reading/catching up with all of you! tell me what's up with you guys and i mean it, i want to know about each and every one of you ;____; 

and since life is a bunch of bullet points, here's mine. 

=> school is just a mess. i went to see the school assistant (who thankfully were patient enough with me) and i found out that i still have 28 credits to clear before i can graduate. 28 credits = 1 core module + 6 or 8 electives which means i can't graduate by this june. sucks, i don't know how to tell my parents cause they will be the ones paying for that extra semester and they are already in a lot of debts (i don' really want to talk about it) so i'm hsdajdhkjkhdsaj now. stupid me, i assumed things which i really shouldn't. so always check things through and don't assume things, it just make an ass out of you and me. or in this case, only me. 

=> i've decided to step down as leader of my cg at the end of the year and i've already told them last weekend. idk whether this might a decision i will regret but i feel a lot more better now? 

=> went to desiree's house today cause she said that she will cook me pasta and hurhur i love the pasta, she better cook for me more often!!! 

=> fandom-wise, beast boys are on their break before their japanese debut and i'm glad for that! taking the baton from my favorite band is my favorite singer, unnie! i freaking love her and her album is so so so good, i'm so proud of her! also, infinite and secret are getting better <3 i hope they all win some awards during their promotion period but it's going to be hard, considering that there's homin and seungri too. 

     yes, junsu of 2pm is now my new obsession :)))))))) 

=> oh, super show 3 is being this weekend. praying for my best friend that she won't get stampeded and she will have lot's of fun! also everyone else who is going, have fun and take lot's of pictures/fancams! oh gosh, i hope you guys won't die, i heard that water bottles are not allowed in D: 

=> taking the chance to catch up on cantopop too. last year was a shitty year for cantopop in the sense that there was so much conflict within the record companies/broadcasting companies and it affected the singers but still, there were solid good albums. especially gem's, eason's and jason's albums. 

anyway, i hope you guys are alright!
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