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hello everybody, hope you guys have a happy and merry christmas! right now, christmas is over in singapore :( 

anyway just a little something that i wrote today. 
for all my favorite people on twitter, you guys know who you are :) 

so this is christmas. g
all the members of beast
fluffy, 722 words
maybe he has his best present already. 

so this is christmas

 doojoon never had much reasons to love Christmas. sure it was all fun and merry, all the exchanging of presents and the gorging on food, but they never held much meaning to him. he wasn’t a Christian so there wasn’t any reason why he should look forward to the festive season. in any case, it was a pain to go shopping for the right presents and thinking of what to write on Christmas cards year after year.

he just didn’t know that Christmas will prove to be such an interesting time in the beast dorm.

two weeks before Christmas rolled in, dongwoon started to ask a million questions about his preferences and his favourite things. he got used to seeing a million texts on his cellphone, all sent from dongwoon, when he took a break from filming (“hyung, blue or red?” “don’t ask but liquid or solid?” “HYUNG, DO YOU LIKE HYOYEON OR TAEYEON!!!!!”). he wasn’t even surprised when a grouchy junhyung threw dongwoon out of the bedroom because the latter was persistently asking hyunseung at 3am in the morning about his favourite ice-cream flavour. (hyunseung just grunted in sleepy response)

when he received a thick slab of ‘coupons’ for free shoulder massages, free hugs etc (can be redeemed anytime, anywhere!!! stamped boldy and brightly in kikwang’s handwriting), he could only smile weakly in response to kikwang’s bright smiles and disappearing eyes. that very same day, kikwang came home with bags of chips and cup noodles, to the happy cheers of yoseob and dongwoon who waved their “free favours” coupons. an hour later, he could hear moans coming from the bedroom but it turned out to be kikwang giving hyunseung a massage. (i’m next in line, junhyung very kindly informed him.)

it was also the same time when yellow post-it notes were starting to appear on every single surface of the fridge, wardrobes and their walls (“hyunseung-ah, please sleep early tonight”, “doojoon-ah, don’t be too stressed!”, “keke doesn’t it seem to be a very happy day today!!!”), all in yoseob’s curly and messy handwriting. (doojoon couldn’t deny that those post-it notes, like streaks and blobs of sunlight that brighten up a dark room, had the ability to cheer him up on a gloomy and tiring day.)

what was even more strange was the timetable that hung in front of their door. no, it wasn’t a timetable that told them the official schedules and practices for the week. instead it was named “hyunseung’s time with favourite people” and showed different blocks of time that were allocated to each member, the owner shyly explaining that he just wanted to spend more time with them as they curiously looked at the timetable. his “date” with hyunseung included hot chocolate, a short walk in the park and winning victoriously in the soccer match against the other.

amidst all the many practices, performances and filming that doojoon had, he doesn’t fail to notice the way junhyung allows dongwoon to sleep on his shoulder when the magnae is too tired to stay awake in the van (and the way he drew nearer to dongwoon so that the other can snuggle with him) or the reassuring hand that junhyung leaves on hyunseung’s arm, making the other smile slightly. he knows when junhyung slings his arm around kikwang’s or yoseob’s shoulders, it’s the rapper’s way of saying that they’re all in this together and no one is left behind. (he just didn’t expect junhyung to give him a hug when the clock struck twelve midnight on Christmas, a tight hug that left both of their cheeks blushing and heart racing.)

doojoon still doesn’t like Christmas or understands the significance of it but he thinks maybe with every Christmas he spends with his members, he might learn to love it.

(when yoseob asked him what’s the best present he has ever received, he lied and said that it’s the Barcelona jersey that his noona gave him. junhyung sniggered, “that’s not what you said to me last night, you said it was the five of us”. following that was a chorus of “awwww hyung!!!”, “we love you too!!!” and doojoon could only hide his face in embarrassment.

at least they don’t know what he wishes for when he sees every shooting star.

i wish we can stay together forever like this.)

A/N: based on the idea that different people had different languages of showing and expecting love: gifts, encouraging words, doing nice things, spending quality time and touch. try to guess who has what love languages haha
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